Sunday, April 26, 2020

Latest Publications & Readings

This is a video of me reading my poem, “The Onset,” which I wrote for the “Postcards from the Pandemic: A Cincinnati Poetry Month Project,” which current Cincinnati Poet Laureate Manuel Iris, and Poet Laureate Emeritus Pauletta Hansel, collaborated on:  The Onset.  Here’s the text of the poem:  Poems from the Pandemic. This poem is dedicated to my mother, Vivian Margaret Riedinger, who died on March 16, 2020, the same night as the President announced a need for social distancing. I also included some photos of her throughout the years.



The Kentucky Arts Council invited Kentuckians to join them in celebrating a virtual Kentucky Writers’ Day by recording ourselves reading some of our work. Here I am reading poems from my second poetry collection called, A MAP AND ONE YEAR, which came out in 2018 from Dos Madres Press. Thank you, Kentucky Arts Council! Karen George reading for Kentucky Writers’ Day.


My poem "Frida Kahlo's The Wounded Deer, 1946" was published in the “body issue” of South Broadway Ghost Society, an online literary and arts journal based in Denver, Colorado.   

Here is Frida Kahlo’s painting that inspired my poem:


My poem “Georgia O’Keeffe’s Lake George with Crows, 1921” was published in the fifth anniversary issue of  Gyroscope Review on page 11.

Here is the O’Keeffe painting that inspired my poem:


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